Panchkarma Curative Therapies


Therapy for lower back ache and spinal disorder. Stimulates and nourishes the nervous system. 

Procedure: Warm medicated oil is poured over the lower back and then kept in place by a flour dough boundary. A series of treatments are recommended to treat the back pain and a spinal disorders. 

Time: 30 minutes


Complete healing for lower back pain and spinal disorder, numbness, and restoring reflexes. Ideal for desk bound executives and stressed lifestyles. Improves, the body’s ability to assimilate nourishment and its tolerance. Strengthens blood circulation, and benefits your lower back. 

Procedure: Specially prepared, warm medicated oil is poured over the lower back and kept in place by a flour dough boundary. Also, a full body oil massage is done for complete healing. 

Time: 75 minutes



The ayurvedic procedure treats the symptoms of a high stress lifestyle. Reduces high cholesterol and high blood pressure, relieves joint pain, strengthens muscles, and treats rheumatism. 

Procedure: This is a special massage conducted with a herbal bun that contains medicated rice. 

Time: 60 minutes



A head and neck toxin cleanser that relieves headaches, migrane, facial paralysis, and treats mental distress and disorders. 

Procedure: Medicated herbal decoctions, oil and ghee are poured in drops through the nose. 

Time: 30 minutes