Our Beauties Therapies


A stress and fatigue relieving massage which nourishes the scalp and checks dry hair. 

Procedure: Key pressure points of your head, forehead and neck are massaged using medicated hair oil. 

Time: 30 minutes


Tones up facial muscles, relieve stress headaches, and re-hydrate facial skin. 

Procedure: Face is massaged in upward and circular movements using facial creams.

Time: 30 minutes



This treatment gently removes the darkening effects of the sun from your skin, reduces wrinkles and gives a natural glow to the skin. 

Procedure: Pure herbal face pack is applied and allowed to dry according to your body type. 

Time: 30 minutes



Removes tiredness and promote restfulness. Dry feet are also refreshed in therapy. 

Procedure: Key pressure points in your feet are massaged with medicated oils and creams. 

Time: 30 minutes




A wrinkle smoothening, skin nourshing, tissue cleansing, facial tension melting treatment. 

Procedure: Your face will be cleansed with rose water, scrubbed and massaged with nourshing gel and kumkumadi oil. Finally a face pack is applied. 

Time: 45 minutes