Mental Health Counselling

This section deals with:

  • People to manage, diagnose and help overcome emotional and mental difficulties.
  • Evaluate and diagnose health conditions including mental health conditions.
  • Treating Anxiety, Depression and OCD’s
  • Autism, ADHD in children
  • Dealing with relationship’s problems with couple or family therapy as and when needed.
  • Special Sessions of cognitive behaviour therapy.
  • One or two complementary Panchkarma therapy sessions with the achievement made by the client.

All the sessions will be taken by our experts. Referring to suitable psychiatrist or rehabilitate centre are also on the priority.

A Perfect Health Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation – This Ayurvedic

Lifestyle Program will show you time tested techniques and practices that

will balance your body and your mind, enhance nutrition, reduce emotional

turbulence and re-awaken your senses. During your consultation, you will be

guided in a healing program that targets your personal mind/body type.